A passion for Learning… and Classes through September

Dear Fellow Students of Yoga

Dean Lerner was in Asheville in mid-September; a few of us from the Low Country were able to participate in his workshop.  It reminded me – again – of why one bothers to sign up, make the commitment, clear out the space on the calendar, and make the trip or overnight arrangements or whatever, to participate in a weekend workshop.  It’s an opportunity to surrender yourself to learning, and to experience the effects of practice with a dedicated, incredibly knowledgeable, and wise teacher.  We reap the benefits of one person’s passion to share the art and science of yoga.  (And there, by the way, lies the link to the Passion Vine in the photo!)

We didn’t do that many poses.  Almost all of the asanas would have been familiar to you.  What is special is the depth of the experience of each pose, and the intelligence which is brought to each step and each action.  Poses that seem hard in one’s home practice, become surprisingly easy, or at least lighter and less effortful.  What fun!

Over the next weeks I’ll share parts of what we learned in the workshop.  Last week focused on backbends; this week will be standing poses and twists; next week will be a quieter practice, as is typical for the end of the month.

Additional weekend workshop opportunities are just around the corner, two in particular:

It’s a “normal” schedule for both weeks, Sep 22-23-24 and Sep 29-30Oct 1.

Class schedule this week and next:

*The Therapeutic Yoga class at Island Yoga will be held Mondays only during September.  Patte Ranney instructs.

I look forward to seeing you in class!


Jann Boyer

Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor (Introductory II)


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