The branches of yoga support and enfold us

Dear Friends –

The branches of yoga are reaching out to a new studio in Savannah this week.

I am partnering with fellow teachers Lynn Geddes, Kate Marvel, and Greg Schultz to offer alignment-based yoga classes and private instruction at Branches Yoga (of course), at 2424 Drayton St.  This is a short distance east of the wonderful Ganesha’s Place, which closed at the end of February.

The Iyengar Yoga classes in Savannah are moving to Branches ...

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An end and a beginning… and classes this week in Savannah and Hilton Head

Dear friends –

This week brings an end to a wonderful, 3+ year association with Ganesha’s Place in Savannah…and marks the beginning of a new adventure just a couple of blocks east. I am partnering with Lynn Geddes, Kate Marvel, and Greg Schultz to offer alignment-based yoga classes at 2424 Drayton, in the same space now occupied by Lynn’s Anahata Healing Arts, and way-back-when, by the Yoga Co-Op. We’ll be opening with a new, and I think charming business ...

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Jann Boyer Yoga

This week’s classes in Savannah and Hilton Head… and a look into the future

In this week’s classes we have some extra variety:
* Forward bends and abdominal poses in the L2 classes and Thursday L1
* Neck and shoulders in the Tuesday L1 class in Savannah, and the Therapeutic Yoga classes Monday and Thursday 1:00 pm in Hilton Head.

Forward bends have a calming, quieting effect.  They call for patient, persistent “svadyaya” (self study) as you explore and observe the sensations you feel.  Abdominal poses bring forth more “tapas” (discipline, burning zeal, ...

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Standing Poses… With Some Assistance

This week is standing poses!

Always steadying and strengthening, standing poses help us to review the basics of good posture and alignment, and build stamina and stability in the process.

This week we’ll practice standing poses with the assistance of chairs.  We often use props for safety, to stay in the pose longer, or to achieve alignment in a pose.  This week we’ll use the chair primarily to help us focus on the actions of each pose, and to let the “mind ...

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Restore and Renew… and Classes this Week

These fascinating critters are Magellan Penguins, on Magdalena Island near Punta Arenas, Chile.   I saw them on a cold, windy day, and although they are well suited to the weather, they still retreat to their burrows periodically to rest and restore.  All creatures need that!

Yoga practitioners included, so we’ll enjoy restorative poses in the Tuesday classes at Ganesha’s Place in Savannah, and Wednesday 9:00 am and Thursday 11:00 am classes at Island Yoga in Hilton Head.

I am teaching three additional ...

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Jann Boyer Yoga Hilton Head, Savannah

Iyengar Yoga Schedule for the Next 3 Weeks

Dear Yoga Friends –

I hope you are enjoying a holiday season filled with contentment. I am grateful for each of you, who share your study of yoga with me. Without interested and willing students, there is no teacher.

Here are a few comments on the schedule for Iyengar Yoga classes in Savannah and Hilton Head, while I am away in the first half of January. Some arrangements are still uncertain; I will send out a more detailed schedule and post it on Continue Reading →

Harmony and Balance

Listening to a magnificent performance of Handel’s Messiah in Hilton Head this weekend, I thought about the singers and musicians who joined together to create this hour of beautiful, soaring music. No doubt they are all talented individuals. But working together, with knowledgeable direction and dedicated practice, they were able to create something incredibly moving and powerful.

Watching how perfectly they worked together led my thoughts to the yogic concept of sheaths, and the intimate interplay between the outer and inner ...

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A Season of Celebrations… and classes this week

Dear All –

BKS Iyengar YogaThis is a season of celebrations for several faiths.  It is also a time for the yoga community to celebrate.  We honor the birthday, on December 14, of Sri BKS Iyengar, and we think of our many colleagues in Iyengar Yoga who are studying at the Institute in Pune, India, during the first two weeks in December.  Geeta Iyengar, Mr. Iyengar’s daughter and a distinguished teacher ...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week schedule, with Gratitude

Dear Fellow Sadhakas –

Thank you for your effort, interest, participation, and encouragement in the study and practice of yoga.  It is an ever-fascinating journey, and I am humbly grateful that you allow me to accompany you on part of that journey.

Thank you especially to Kate Jacobson and her labor of love, Ganesha’s Place.  It has been a warm and supportive community for yoga for three years, and I feel privileged to teach there.  I’m sure you’ve seen her letter by ...

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Twisting with contentment – Iyengar Yoga classes this week

In the Iyengar system there is a logical, careful sequence of learning to turn the trunk around the axis of the spine.  It begins with standing poses (of course): slight twists in the upper back in Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana) and Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana).  From there, we progress to seated twists…and then we’re off!  To revolved poses, deeper closed twists, open twists with  forward bend, etc.

So what’s the big deal?  What is so difficult about turning the trunk?  ...

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