Enough in a season of more than enough

The first limb of yoga is yama – moral restraints or abstentions, and the fifth yama is aparigraha, or noncoveting.  Another translation is “refrainment from acquisition”.  It’s difficult to even contemplate how that concept works in our consumer-driven economy.  It becomes even more challenging as the holiday season approaches.

Can we honor aparigraha in our yoga practice,  and perhaps nudge up to aparigraha more often in our everyday lives?  Perhaps a shift in perspective can help: instead of practicing my backbend ...

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Who turned down the thermostat? This weeks classes and Dec 7 Workshop

After a balmy early fall, temperatures changed!  As they always do, of course, but still we find ourselves stirred up by change and transition.  This week we will focus on foundational poses   that help us build strength and stability.  If we observe our effort to hold an abdominal pose with equanimity, or watch with dispassionate interest our wobbles in a standing pose, are we not practicing dealing with change, challenge and uncertainty?

“We can let the circumstances of our lives ...

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SCHEDULE CHANGES THIS WEEK ONLY, plus future events, plus Iyengar classes this week

Schedule items first:

  • Tuesday morning classes at Ganesha’s Place, 9:00 AM L2 and 11:30 AM L1, are cancelled this week only. Sorry – I was unable to find a sub.  I appreciate your patience as my spouse tends to some minor surgery.
  • The remaining classes this week are scheduled as usual:  Tue 5:30 PM L1, Wed 9:00 AM L2, and Thu 11:00 AM L1.
  • On Sunday, December 7, I am offering a special workshop at Island Yoga in Hilton Head, 2:30 ...
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Restorative and contemplative forward bends – this week in Iyengar Yoga classes

Dear All~

Last week we focused on abdominal poses in most of the classes, exploring abdominal actions from the obvious to the more subtle.

Linda DiCarlo, during the workshop in Savannah this past weekend, took the concept of “from the gross to the subtle” to another level, as she led us towards ever-deeper, more thoughtful, penetration of the intelligence of the body in our postures. Rather than “repeating” a pose, we did our “second evolution”, enlivening more cells and fibers with each ...

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Iyengar classes this week

Dear fellow Sadhakas,

It’s October, a beautiful month with many clear days and pleasant temperatures.  It’s time for workshops, and we’ve got our own coming up Oct 18-19 with Linda DiCarlo, at Ganesha’s Place in Savannah.  There are a few spaces left in each session, but only a few.

Mid-October is also a time for…abdominal poses!  Don’t ask about that segue; it doesn’t exist.

Done with attention and awareness, all yoga postures have some component of abdominal toning and stretching.  After all, it’s ...

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Changes to Iyengar Yoga Class Schedule – This week only

Dear fellow Sadhakas –

The schedule this week for Iyengar Yoga classes in Savannah and Hilton Head is changed, due to a family illness.

  • Tue 9:30 am L2, Ganesha’s Place, CLASS CANCELLED
  • Tue 11:30 am L1, Ganesha’s Place, CLASS CANCELLED
  • Tue 5:30 pm L1, Island Yoga, Patte Ranney will sub for me
  • Wed 9:00 am L2, Island Yoga, Open Practice (studio open and available for your own practice)

I am sorry about the late notice, and hope it does not inconvenience you. I am in Virginia ...

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Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes (insert musical notes!). Linda DiCarlo Workshop Coming Soon!

Dear Fellow Sadhakas –

This week introduces the beautiful month of October…the month of our workshop with teacher Linda DiCarlo, Oct 18-19. There are a few spaces left; register at Ganesha’s Place or online at www.ganeshasplace.com.

We have one more day to linger in September, but in yoga classes we’ll treat this as the “first week of the month”, which calls for a focus on foundations: feet, toes, ankles, knees and hips.

Babies are fascinated with their toes and feet, and ...

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Iyengar yoga classes cancelled Sep 23-24-25; home practice and the spirit of adventure

Dear fellow Sadhakas –

The Iyengar Yoga classes at Ganesha’s Place and at Island Yoga are cancelled this week only, while I am in Arizona chasing the stars.

Meanwhile, please consider a class with one of the other excellent instructors at these studios.  It’s also an opportunity to rev up your home practice.  Mr. John Schumacher, head of Unity Woods in the DC area, says that if you do one pose at home…you have a home practice!

For homework, do Adho Mukha Svanasana, ...

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Classes this week in Hilton Head and Savannah

Dear Fellow Sadhakas –

Chest-opening poses this week!  Lifting and opening the chest helps to lift your spirits and bring a spring to your step.  Not to mention providing space to breathe more deeply.

In Sutra II.33, Patanjali offers guidance on how to lift our spirits, and elevate our thoughts, in the face of negative thoughts:  “Upon being harassed by negative thoughts, one should cultivate counteracting thoughts.”  Vitarka-badhane pratipaksa-bhavanam.  Or, as my father used to say, “Act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic.”  ...

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A steady foundation in classes this week

As I listen to thunder rumbling outside my window, and watch the masses of dark clouds, my thoughts turn to the foundations of our house, and I hope that they are firm and steady.

For most of us, the foundations of our homes are something that we assign to others – to builders and contractors who know that business.

We can, however, study our own foundations: our feet, legs, and hips that support our yoga practice and our daily activities. We can ...

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